Your roadmap to enterprise data transformation

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"Enterprises today are sitting on an untapped goldmine - their data..."


Practical Steps to Maximize ROI From Your Data

+ Your guide considers both perspectives:

CDOs and leaders of the data revolution

Harness, modernize, automate and scale data to power innovation

Data-dependent business leaders

Aligning business and data strategy to prepare for the future

This practical guide offers a roadmap for chief data officers and others who want to affect an organizational change that leads to an insights-driven culture. You’ll learn best practices from other innovators who’ve successfully accomplished this daunting task, including:

  • How to identify high-level sponsors and initial partners in the project to gain buy-in.
  • Determining which new applications to introduce first to produce quick wins.
  • Identify where data and analytics can redefine how business is done and create new opportunities for bigger ROI.

Fix your data.
Embed intelligence everywhere.
Lead the way with data.




Based on data lessons from thousands of companies worldwide

As the only end-to-end data and analytics platform built organically from the ground up, ibi gives enterprises scale, speed, and flexibility.

Our technology aligns teams around crystal-clear intelligence – empowering decision makers with insights that matter, from leadership teams to frontline employees, from business partners to customers and consumers.