Introducing ibi Explore for Sales Teams

The new way to access all of your sales data in ONE place - and do your job better.

See how ibi Explore can enable you to:

  • Get the ability to access clean, catalogued, high quality data to make your analysis so much easier
  • Prepare and Integrate your CRM, internal and external data sources (including data from tools like SalesForce, Hubspot, PipeDrive) into one friendly data view, accessible by anyone in your organization (with minimal IT support)
  • With a 360 trusted integrated data view, you can better understand pipeline, manage territories and conduct real-time forecasting with confidence
  • Line up the data you need to build the dashboards you’ve been dreaming of, connecting to any BI tool and Cloud platform of your choice

The power is finally in your hands. Let data help you understand your business, your customer and your future.


Discover the possibilities